NCS Workshops


A brief overview - The National Citizen Scheme is a government initiative for young people aged 15 – 17 years and as part of Phase 2 of the programme, young people participating in NCS engage with local communities such as schools, to develop new life skills and facilitate the development of teamwork and leadership skills.


Lindsay is running Healthy and Active Lifestyle workshops where young people and pupils participating in NCS explore and develop an understanding of healthy eating (booklets for each year group) and the benefits of physical activity based on exercises that promote a healthy heart, strong bones and muscles. All workshops (1.5 - 2 hrs) are adapted for classes from YrR to Yr6. 

Lindsay also runs sports coaching workshops for students that study sports courses. These workshops involve the NCS students learning new coaching skills in the morning before delivering the skills to primary school children in the afternoon.

We are always looking for new schools to work with in delivering these workshops. There is no cost to the school at all, we require using your facilities in the morning before working with a class in the afternoon. If you are interested please get in contact.

Top tip: Take advantage of free NCS workshops the year. We can put you in contact with schools that we have worked with us already so they can tell you about their experiences.